About Us

On April 14, 1992, Dr Chew Chong Lin inaugurated the first annual general meeting and established the firm foundations of the Society. Before this, tremendous work had to be undertaken by a small group of interested dentists, with a vision to promote this branch of reconstructive dentistry both in Singapore and in the Asia-Pacific region. An able pro-tem committee was formed under the leadership of Dr Chew Chong Lin. Months of meetings, discussions and consultations with persons both from within and without the specialty, resulted in the submission of the constitution in 1991 and the formal registration of the society early in 1992.

The Society brings together a unique association of members from diverse career paths including academia, hospital practice, military service, education and private practice, all united in the pursuit of prosthodontic excellence. To achieve this goal, everything from an Annual Advanced Restorative course, to monthly lectures by members, visiting speakers or friends in numerous other disciplines are regularly organized.

The first major meeting organized by the Society was the conjoint meeting held in June 1995 with the John F Johnston Society in Singapore. The JFJ Society is a prosthodontic society based in Indiana, USA. Since 1995, the PSS Annual Advanced Restorative courses have been held to cater to the wide range of professional interests in the field.