25th Anniversary (2016)

As the nation celebrated its 50th birthday in 2015, the society also decided to honour its founding members, as it stepped into its 25th anniversary in 2016. It lent great significance to the anniversary as we garnered support from local prosthodontists hailing from both public and private sectors to be speakers for our annual Advanced Restorative Course. Looking through the past 25 years, the prosthodontic profession has indeed thrived as we now have prosthodontists who could be masters in their own niche, spanning across fixed and removable prosthodontics, implant prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthodontics, temporomandibular disorders management, etc. The society plays an important role in bringing the profession together, and it is through the effort of the founding members and all the past committee members that fellow prosthodontists could enjoy the fruit of the progress today. It was wonderful to be surrounded by our own talents, and it is with great wishes that the comaraderie would extend across all healthcare sectors, for the greater good of the profession. As we progress forward, the younger generation is strongly encouraged to come forth and help build the profession, so that they too could benefit from the growth.